Podcast #33 Breaking the Cycle of Stress – Interview with Hypnotherapist Daniel Maresca

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Breaking The Cycle of Stress: Empowering Your Full Expression


Feelings of overwhelm, anxiousness and stress is stopping you from reaching your goals. Our guest Daniel Maresca, CCHt has a secret about this that we think you’ll want to hear…

Its not the REAL you that is feeling overwhelmed, stressed-out and feels like there’s not time to get things done. It’s not the real Self that is creating those self-sabotaging behaviors like late night snacks, skipping the gym or meditation.

In this podcast Clinical Hypnotherapist Daniel Maresca and Dr. Nicole will explore how you can connect to the REAL you, create space in the present moment and feel more at-ease so that you can create the changes that you desire. And most importantly get those self-sabotaging inner parts on board with what you really want in life.

About Daniel Maresca, CCHt

Daniel Maresca has supported his clients’ health and well-being for the last 18 years using a holistic and functional approach. During that time he began working with clients using corrective and rehabilitative exercise and then functional nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Following that his path evolved into hands on energy healing, and a modality to address early traumas.

Over his career, he has come to recognize that at the core of all of his clients’ complaints has been negative emotions and beliefs. He subsequently was trained at the top Hypnotherapy School in the Country, the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy which included over 500hrs of training including parts work, eye movement therapy, clinical hypnosis for pain, and regression to name a few of the techniques he uses. Additionally he is trained in a 100hr modality called Holographic Memory Resolution using the frequency of color to holographically replace the unmet childhood and adult needs of clients.

Since then he has been practicing full-time as a Clinical Hypnotherapist primarily focused on the underlying beliefs and early life relationships using various therapeutic modalities and techniques within his hypnotherapy practice to help clients come to a greater recognition of their innate wholeness.

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