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Why Physical Therapy?

Why Physical therapy?

When you’re in pain, you need relief. Integrating physical therapy and chiropractic care could be the answer for you!

Physical therapy is a profession that helps patients develop, maintain and restore full mobility and physical function. Typically a patient will begin care because of an injury, whether acute or chronic. In our office we specialize in finding the true cause of the problem. Once we find the problem we will formulate a care plan that involves therapies and modalities to correct the problem. These modalities will include breaking up adhesions and scar tissue, reducing inflammation and pain and strengthening muscles and joints to maintain the new healthy posture.

What are the physical therapy benefits?

Physical therapy can help to reduce acute and chronic pain, improve mobility and range of motion, break up adhesions and scar tissue, avoid surgery, improve balance and prevent falls and help manage age related diseases and illnesses. In addition, we integrate physical therapy with chiropractic to help stabilize the spine and create longer lasting changes.