nutritional counseling in asheville

Nutritional counseling

It's true, you are what you eat!

 I am sure you have been told this before.  Diet is one of the five factors of health and when you remove food items that cause inflammation or create food insensitivities, then you have a better chance of healing and feeling your best.  Some of our patients want to dive deep into this subject and discover the foods that may not be right for them. 


We offer nutritional counseling where we will ask you to keep a food journal for a specific length of time.  Once we obtain your dietary habits, we will sit down and discuss your goals and desires related to nutrition.  We find that most patients need to start with 1 cleanse in order to remove the toxins from their bodies and start with a clean slate.  Based on your specific needs, we will coach you through a 10 day cleanse or 21 Day Cleanse, giving you detailed information on what you should remove from your diet, recipes and meal planning, suggested supplements, portion control, and accountability.  Our cleanses are designed to cleanse all the organs of the body, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, intestines and colon.  Once you have completed the cleanse, we will then help guide you with adding certain foods back into your diet to so can understand what is best for your body.  

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