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Adjustments on Heart Rate Variability

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Did you know that chiropractic care positively impacts your heart health? Heart rate variability is the time measured between each heartbeat. When our heart and health are in good shape we have a high heart rate variability. When we are in poor health our heart rate variability tends to be lower.

Study of 539 people whose HRV was tested before and after an adjustment was measured and shown to improve!

Why do adjustments help? When subluxations are present in the spine your brain cannot accurately perceive its surrounding environment and is unable to make the proper changes in its nervous system function to keep functioning optimally. By adjusting the spine we can improve the brain’s ability to perceive the world around us and improve our brain’s ability to adapt to stresses in the world. This will improve every body system overall which allows the calming and healing side of your nervous system to work better.