Keep Your Spine Moving!

If you look after your spine, your brain will love you for it! 

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Three Things we want our spine to be able to do all the time: 

  1. We want our spinal bones to move together in a way that spreads and absorbs the impact forces generated by running
  2. We want to be able to stiffen up and protect our bodies when lifting heavy objects 
  3. We want our spines to reflexively respond with postural changes to avoid falling over 

When one of your spinal segments is not moving properly, it will affect your whole nervous system! 

New research shows that chiropractors are able to effectively figure out which segments in your spine are most restricted or stiff. Then, they are able to adjust your spine to restore normal movement patterns. This keeps your whole spine and nervous system operating fully and effectively. 

Come see us to get your spine moving!!