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The Major Premise of Chiropractic

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Welcome to our newest series, The 33 Principles of Chiropractic & How that Applies to You!
In this first episode, we will be discussing the MAJOR PREMISE
Chiropractic is about my BACK and NECK PAIN right?
The truth is, Chiropractic is so much more than back and neck pain.  Most people think ONLY about back pain when they think of Chiropractic.  After all, we do most of our work with our hands on your back.  But here is the thing, Chiropractic is about enhancing your body’s potential and helping you to express health naturally.  Chiropractic was founded on 33 Principles that actually define and explain exactly how Chiropractic accomplishes this.  Over the next 33 weeks, we will be sharing insight into these principles and explaining how each principle applies to you.  I am confident if you follow along, you will gain a new found respect for your body and the healing potential it has.  You may also find new ways to tap into this healing to help it along.
We know that your BODY is PERFECT and PURE.  We also know that your BODY is capable of feeling better than you ever have and expressing true health and happiness.  Sometimes limiting factors get in the way, thus affecting how much health you are experiencing.  And sometimes you can remove these factors and express more LIFE than you ever have!  We hope over the next several weeks to help you gain a better understanding of the power you and your body truly have when it comes to your health!
Stay tuned for next week’s episode!