The Triune of Life

Chiropractic Principle #4: The Triune of Life


Life is a trinity having three necessary united factors, namely: Intelligence, force and matter.

In other words, without intelligence, NO living thing would exist. A living thing comes into existence because Intelligence works through force, organizing physical matter to become the living thing or end product. All three are necessary!

For instance, creating a flame from a match requires the joining of a match (matter), with kinetic energy (Intelligence), via a force that unites the two. Your striking of the match is the force that unites the Intelligence of the kinetic energy, with the match. The result? A flame! All three: intelligence, force, and matter are needed.

Your life requires a joining of your body (matter), with your Innate Intelligence, via a force that unites the two. The movement of messages through your nervous system is the force that unites your Innate Intelligence with your physical self, giving you life. All three factors of the triune: intelligence, force and matter- are needed.


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