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Chiropractor Asheville – 2 Ways to Rid of Sugar Cravings

Hi!  This is your Asheville Chiropractor, Dr. Nicole Lindsey!  The sugar industry is making history. This white poison may have a shady history: JAMA Internal Medicine and the New York Times recently reported that in the 1960’s, the Sugar Research Foundation (SRF), a trade group known today as the Sugar Association, paid Harvard scientists to publish a review downplaying evidence associating this white poison with heart disease. Click below to read the article in full.  If you have a sugar addiction, I strongly recommend you do 2 things.

  1. EDUCATE yourself on the topic of SUGAR.  I strongly recommend that you read the book Sugar Blues.  This book will help you gain more information on the history of this white poison. I feel the more educated you become on the topic and understand how it negatively affects your body, the more inclined you are to rid of it from your diet.  It will be easier to stay away from the “white poison”!
  2. DETOX your body.  Perform a cleanse to detoxify your body and break the habit. In our office we will help you through a 21 Day Purification Program where you eliminate the white poison, grain and refined packaged food.  Our cleanse will detoxify all of the organs of your body.  If you want to know more about this white poison making history, watch this video now.  Click the Red More Button in your email or the image below if you are on our website.

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