Chiropractor Asheville – Exercising on Statin Drugs

Exercising on Statin Drugs

Are you having trouble keeping up with your friends on the hiking trails?

It may be the STATINS!


We know statins are used to lower cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease. What many of us don’t know is that statin drugs cause damage to our cells and can affect our ability to exercise.  I just had this conversation with a patient this evening who has noticed decreased stamina when exercising.  He had no idea that his statin may be the culprit.

Statins cause muscle damage and reduced ability to exercise by decreasing the number and function of muscle mitochondria, the energy sources for muscles during exercise. So if statins cause such serious problems what do you do about cholesterol if you can’t take them? Watch this video and find out. It’s much simpler than you think. Click the Red More Button in your email or the image below if you are on our website.


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