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Chiropractor Asheville – Get Rid of Your Hunchback


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Call it bad posture.  Call it HUNCHBACK.  Call it what you want.

It is that forward slumping over posture that we are seeing more and more in both adults and children.  Many people call it a hunchback.  Do you feel like you are growing in that way?  If so, continue reading and watching to learn what you can do about it.

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In this video Asheville Chiropractors, Dr. Nicole Lindsey and Dr. Bryan Gennett talk about having that hunched forward posture, otherwise known as forward head posture in chiropractic language. This posture is becoming increasingly common in adults and children. With more eyes and hands glued to electronics, we find ourselves growing in this forward position. This posture not only looks terrible but can be harmful to your health. In fact, we are seeing more cases of arthritic degeneration in younger spines because of the stress this posture puts on the spine.

If you or your children are showing this posture, visit your chiropractor and begin stretches and exercises to reverse this position.  Let us know if we can help!