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Is Standing Better for You Than Sitting?!

Is Standing Really Better For You Than Sitting?

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Today, let’s look at whether standing is really better for you than sitting.
Some people confuse the benefits of exercise with that of standing at work rather than being in a desk chair. A recent study showed standing at work was not necessarily better, based on the little metabolic difference between the two.
Standing burned less than 12% more calories than calories burned while sitting!
16 studies of over 1 million people found prolonged sitting during work, commutes, or leisure time was associated with increased risk for obesity, heart attacks, and premature death. However, the risk was completely eliminated with approximately 60 minutes of daily moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, and reduced by 25 minutes of daily exercise.
Athletes and serious exercisers benefit more from sitting than standing for muscle recovery.  Standing and/or walking causes a delay in muscle recovery.
Whether you are standing or seated, there is nothing better for your overall health than daily exercise. Make sure you are supplementing  your overall health with a nutritious diet, regular exercise, quality sleep, a positive attitude, and regular chiropractic care.
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