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Are You Still Eating Processed Foods?!

Today, let’s look at the life altering health risks from eating processed foods.

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Studies show the more processed foods you consume the greater your risk for a heart attack, colon cancer, and even death. Processed foods have fiber and essential nutrients removed, and extra sugar, salt and fats added to them. These changes increase the risk for high blood pressure, excess weight gain, inflammation, diabetes, cancer, and premature death.
Researchers found each daily serving of ultra-processed food increased heart attack risk by 7%, and increased risk of death from a heart attack by 9%. Another study found a 10% increase in these foods and drinks was associated with an 11% increase in the risk of developing colorectal cancer.
These include soft drinks, most dry breakfast cereals, frozen pizzas, frozen meals, snack bars including “energy” bars, salty snack foods, processed meats, instant soups, bottled juices, salad dressings and many others.
Eating a diet consisting of 90% real food like raw fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and whole grains; and only 10% or less processed foods is an achievable goal and could make a significant difference in your weight and overall health and wellbeing.
Improve your overall health with a nutritious diet, regular exercise, quality sleep, a positive attitude, and regular chiropractic care. Remember your best source for everything health is your chiropractor.
Visit your chiropractor regularly and make sure your nervous system is functioning 100%.