The Sciatica Series Part III

In Part I of this series, we discussed what sciatica is exactly, the anatomy of the sciatic nerve, functions of the nerve, how it splits, and the symptoms of sciatica. In Part II, we talked about the four most common causes of sciatica: herniated disc, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, and piriformis.

Knowing the cause of your problem is essential!

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In this episode, we will focus on the treatment… How we FIX sciatica!


Step 1: Finding the cause of the pain

This can be done through a thorough exam with range of motion, orthotics tests, x-rays, an MRI, and learning your history. Learning the specific symptoms can tell us so much, which is why a proper evaluation and diagnosis is key.


Step 2: Acute care

The purpose of acute care is to decrease the pain and inflammation. This is done through appointments with decompression, laser, trigger point therapy, and most importantly—adjustments!

Decompression creates a vacuum effect to allow the disc material pressing on the nerve to give way for disc space.

The laser is a class 3b that penetrates 5 inches deep into the disc, lowering inflammation and pain, as well as stimulate new cell formation for a speedy recovery.

Trigger point therapy breaks up. Adhesions in the muscle to allow for more movement in the spine.

Adjustments move the bones and ease pressure off of the nerves to restore proper alignment.


Step 3: Home Care

Beyond coming into the office, it is necessary to support the new position of your disc and spinal segments to avoid re-injury or make it even worse. Through simple home activities such as gentle stretching, practicing standing with good posture, core exercise, focusing on anti-inflammatory foods, supplementing with fish oil and turmeric, and self-tissue work with a lacrosse ball or foam roller you can make a real difference in your sciatic and spinal health.


Living with constant pain should not be anyone’s normal. Healing sciatica is possible and necessary for anyone with sciatic nerve plain. Through this three-step plan, you can not only feel better, but know that you’re fixing the root of the problem holistically for the long haul! Make an appointment HERE

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